Grand Forks Noon Rotary - Membership Features and Benefits

Grand Forks Rotary

Weekly meetings at 12 noon each Tuesday
Northside Cafe
2950 10th Ave N.
Grand Forks, ND 58201

Thinking about joining a service club? Download a brochure on what we do. You can join us for lunch as our guest at our regular noon Tuesday meeting. Then Download a membership application. See you there!

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Membership Features and Benefits

New Members - All current Rotarians are encouraged to regularly sponsor new members. Invite a prospect to one or two meetings. If he or she is interested in membership, obtain a registration card from the secretary and ask the prospect to fill out the application and return the card. Applications are approved at the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors.

Classification - When you join Grand Forks Rotary, you are assigned a classification that is descriptive of your vocation or career. The purpose of classification is to insure that the club represents a variety of industries and interests. After a certain age and number of years of service, you become a Senior Active member of the club. At that time your classification is available to another new member.

Sometime after joining GF Rotary you will be asked to give a classification talk at one of the regular meetings. You will usually be on the agenda with one other new member also giving a talk. Your talk can be about anything you wish. Typically, a classification talk would include information on your background, family and your vocation. It needs to be only 5-10 minutes in length.

Quarterly Dues - You will receive a quarterly billing for your club dues and other appropriate charges when necessary. Dues are currently $150 per quarter and include your noon meals, district dues, national dues and magazine subscription.

You are encouraged to bring guests or potential members to our meetings. Let the secretary know if you are accompanied by a potential member and the Club will pay for his or her lunch. For all other guests, a $12 fee will be charged to the host member to cover the lunch cost.

Attendance - Rotarians are asked to be present at 60% of all weekly meetings. Charges for lunch are processed whether or not you are in attendance.

Grand Forks Rotary Board of Directors - The Club is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the club membership. Each member on the nine-member board is asked to serve for a term of three years. The Board of Directors meets monthly at a breakfast meeting to address the business of the club. The board approves membership applications, requests for donations, and committee reports. All Rotary members may attend meetings, and members are especially encouraged to attend to make requests for support of their projects.

District Conference - Each year District 5580 holds a conference that is sponsored and hosted by a district club. The conference is typically held in late April or early May. Members are encouraged to attend, with Grand Forks Rotary providing assistance to offset some of the expenses for travel and registration.

The District Conference is a great way to learn about the many projects that are supported by Rotary clubs in our district. There are opportunities to meet with Rotarians and build relationships with other members. Plan to attend a conference soon after becoming a member.

The Rotarian Magazine - As a member of Rotary, you will automatically begin to receive a monthly publication called The Rotarian. The magazine is mailed to all members and informs readers of the activities of Rotary on a national and international level.